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CENTERDON GROUP, INC. (“Centerdon”), is a multi-jurisdictional law firm providing an attorney-based solution to get you debt free.   In this website many options are discussed to resolve your debt, but Centerdon specializes in Loss Mitigation, an attorney-based bankruptcy alternative that involves our negotiating with your unsecured creditors to induce them to accept as full payment less than what you actually owe.
Recognizing that U.S. consumer debt exceeds $2 trillion and more than 44 million households maintain an average credit card balance of $8,000, many consumers need help to become debt free.  Your viewing this website shows you are taking the first step in dealing with your financial situation.
The current economy combined with the most recent economic crisis has caused many Americans to use credit cards just to cover their bills.  While creditors allow you to make minimum payments for a fraction of what you owe, minimum payments provide a false sense of security and conceal the extent of your debt problem because minimum payments do little to get you debt free, but minimum payments is what credit card companies want.  Simply put, they want a perpetual annuity:  they want you to make minimum payments for your lifetime. 
Minimum payments may prevent you from getting collection calls, but may require as much as 35 years, possibly even a lifetime, to pay off your debt. And, if you begin missing payments, creditors can charge late fees, higher interest rates, over-the-limit fees, and similar charges that will extend the time even more.  If you are experiencing debt problems, consider our attorney-based solution.


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